The Reha-Slide is designed for the stimulation of the three articulated parts of the human arm: the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist are involved in the course of therapy in equal measure. The integrated adjustable base of the device allows the setting of five constant angles, to ensure that the hands of the patient reach shoulder height during the therapy. The built-in resistance is freely adjustable and adapts to the individual abilities of your patients.



During therapy the patient reaches for both handles. Now the Reha-Slide allows the use of three motion axes.

  • Forward and backward for the training of elbow extension and flexion
  • Sideways for the training of shoulder abduction and adduction
  • Spinning for the training of wrist-flexion and extension




  • robust mechanical principle
  • integrated counter
  • adjustable resistance
  • height adjustment
  • easily fastened on to common table tops
  • can be combined with tested therapy software




width: 74 cm (with handlebar)

length: 55 cm

max. angle: 25°

weight: 8kg



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