Marpe Sling Systems

Equipment and sling are unitized and move smoothly with the bearing drive method through the round bar axis, which is stable without shaking or nodding by using the toothed wheel-type lock. You can apply the “Helping Hand” principle using various accessories for Manual and Exercise Therapy. You can freely perform the different types of exercise at the same time with 3D motion using the 3 Axis & 3 Plan. Total Body Support minimizes gravity, which stably performs Manual Therapy, making it easy to find the Neutral Zone. Static Stability Exercise Therapy is possible through little resistance with Total Body Support.


Musculoskeletal system:


Physical Training System Veloz   
Physical Training System Veloz
  • You can conveniently perform mobilization, relaxation, traction, Open Kinetic Chain (OKC), Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC), static or dynamic stability exercise in various postures such as standing, sitting, prone, supine, etc.
  • It can be applied to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, sports injury, postoperative rehabilitation exercise treatment, and also used to maintain health, strengthen the muscles, aerobic and anaerobic exercise and prevent different diseases.
  • - PTS can be efficiently used for a 1:1 individual exercise program.
  • - Indication: Stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, frozen shoulder, cervical lumbar disc, cervical lumbar sprain, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, facet joint syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, postoperative rehabilitation, rotator cuff tear, prenatal and postnatal exercise, etc.


	Manual Therapy System   
Manual Therapy System
  • Equipment and sling are unitized, smooth shaft shift is possible due to bearing drive type with circular shaft, and stable without shaking or wobbling by using gear type locking device at the center.
  • Can provide a role of helping hand in manual treatment to lessen the burden of therapist and increase the patient’s sense of stability. In addition, it enables muscle strength enhancement and various types of exercise treatments using various shafts depending on the disorders of patient and height-adjusting levers on the left and right sides.
  • By using 3 sling devices, it is possible to train individuals freely by minimizing gravity while doing total body support or partial body support.
  • Training can be provided from low to high level of difficulty depending on an individual’s ability to contract muscle.
  • Resistance exercise at open kinetic chain is possible by using variant weight bags after connecting 5 pulleys onto holes of upper sling and height adjusting lever on right and left side.
  • By utilizing pulleys connected to upper sling and right/left height adjusting levers patients can efficiently perform the neck traction and lumbar traction without help of the therapist.
  • Can provide precise therapeutic exercise because the body acting as a fixed axis can be firmly fixed by rope put onto pulley at right/left and top when inducing the movements of bodily links relative to the fixed axis.
  • Can be installed in a small space, and it is easy to move and install anywhere.


Marpe/Physical Training System Veloz   
Wall Sling System
  • The product is comprised of wall bars and a sling system. Tubing bands, elastic ropes, and weight bags can be hung on the wall bar, or various accessories can be used to exercise with the sling.
  • Since the wall bar is in the form of a net, a pulley can be attached to the required height to perform various resistance exercises using tubing.
  • Various accessories are used to provide a helping hand to the therapist while performing Manual & Therapeutic exercises.
  • Depending on the user’s ability to contract muscles, slings and various strength bands and weight bags can be used to train from low to high difficulty level.
  • Open Kinetic Chain/Closed Kinetic Chain and Gait training can be trained safely for the patients with reduced balance ability, such as stroke patients, with reduced weight support using sling equipment and harnesses.
  • It has the advantage of being able to simply install it on the wall and use it to avoid the hassle of installing it on the ceiling.





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