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The VBM Blister Packing Machine

Automated Checking, Filling And Sealing Of Blister Cards

The VBM blister packaging machine 200F fi lls and checks blister cards with medicines in one single smooth, semi-automatic process. Different types of blister cards can be used.


VBM 200F

Flexible semi-automatic filling of blisters.
This machine can fill safely and efficient different sizes of blisters.

1966 x 812 x 2040mm (W x D x H)



Flexible automatic filling of blisters.
The filled blister is automatically sealed with a printed cover.



BCO Desktop

BCO Desktop

The BCO Desktop is an ergonomic
base to finish blister cards and can
easily be placed on any desk.

Validation kit

Validation kit

The validation kit gives you the
opportunity to verify that the VBM is
packing and checking correctly

Blister Cards

Blister Cards

Blister cards give a clear overview
of the medicine per intake time and
are easy to understand.




Free demonstration is available (Hong Kong and Macau)

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