The Adelphi XYZ Distributor is designed to be used in conjunction with the Adelphi Peristaltic Dispenser (see Related Products below). Together they create a semi-automatic peristaltic filling machine for use in laboratory and small batch production environments.

Bottles, vials and other small containers can be filled automatically in trays, with the Z axis being the diving nozzle movement that allows liquid to be automatically filled from above the neck or into the neck.

The machine can be operated by hand, footswtich or will cycle automatically with a delay of up to 9.9 seconds between fills. The liquid only comes into contact with one uninterrupted length of silicone tubing which will withstand repeated sterilisation.The peristaltic pump is controlled to run at constant speed for a precisely determined period. The basic machine comes with a two-roller pump, footswitch and two metre lengths of five sizes of silicone tubing (see chart). A double pump is also available for larger outputs or for filling two products at the same time.

  • Control box remote from moving nozzle frame suitable for use in laminar flow cabinet
  • Adjustable trays are supplied so that bottles are held in an orderly fashion
  • Setting up is easy using the menu-driven LCD displays
  • Special trays can be made to suit odd shaped bottles
  • Fills straight rows or honeycombed configurations



  • Stainless steel case
  • Sealed membrane keypad and digital display
  • Pump pulse compensated for greater accuracy
  • 3 filling modes
    • braked stop
    • soft stop
    • suck back after brake stop
  • Pump can rotate backwards or forwards
  • Timed filling up to 99.99 seconds with delays between fills
  • up to 99.99 seconds
  • RS232 interface allows data to be incorporated from PC
  • Choice of 1.6mm or 2mm wall pump head to suit either wall thickness of tube
  • Completely closed filling system eliminating cross contamination


Adelphi Accuramatic Specifications

Volumes 1ml to 1,000ml
Repeatability ±0.5%
Max flow rate 36ml/sec (standard pump, twin pump option available, see chart)
Services required 230 VAC, 50 Hz standard 50 watts
Weight nett 8.5kg
gross 10.5kg
Carton size 44 x 23 x 43cm


Adelphi XYZ Dis tributor

Electricity (selectable) 220-240 / VAC single phase
Movement Space X=520 Y=335 Z=155mm
Electronics Microprocessor
Weight Control 4.5kg XYZ 9.0kg
Dimensions Distribution 790 x 625 x 390mm
Control Dimensions 200 x 280 x 180mm
Drip Delay 0.0 - 0.9 secs
Max Vial Height (mm) 200
Min Neck Opening 8mm
Tray 410 x 265mm fill area


2mm Wall Tube Sizes

Typical Volume (ml) Tubing Bore(mm) Delivery Rate(ml/sec)
0.2-5Twin Microbore1
5-15 2.4 4
15-50 4 10
50-100 6 24
100+ 8 36



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