Rehab Robotics joined Indonesian Hospital Expo - 2014 in Jakarta



Rehab Robotics business development team from 12th to 19th of October made business trip to Indonesia as a part of delegation Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association Limited. It consisted of two parts: company visits and Indonesian Hospital Expo.


During first day the group has visited several companies and institutions, such as Pondok Indah, premium level hospital in southern of Jakarta, Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia, Parazelsus, one of the largest healthcare product distributors in Indonesia. Each meeting was on high-level, Rehab Robotic team met with top-management and key decision makers. For example, when Ministry of Health team have met with Director of Medical Devices Production and Distribution Development and learnt about government rules and regulations in order to introduce products to the market. In Parazelsus delegation had quite insightful discussion with company’s leaders on prospective new businesses. And during the visit to hospital, RR team introduced Hand of Hope to the most advanced private clinic in South Jakarta. Indonesia has around 2200 hospitals and recently government has introduced universal healthcare for every Indonesian.


Hazel Kwong, Rehab-Robotics International Sales manager said: “It is an emerging market for us with lots of business opportunities”.


During the time in Indonesia they have met several prospective clients, distributors, established connections with local hospitals and doctors and learn in-depth on the spot about Indonesia medical device market.


We are thankful to Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association Limited and Hong Kong Productivity Council for support in the trip arrangement and looking forward for the next one to Russia in December.



Indonesian Hospital Expo



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