Hand of Hope In APTA-CSM 2013



CSM 2013 bought together more than 9,000 physical therapy professionals from around the nation for several stimulating days of exceptional programming, networking opportunities, and an exhibit hall filled with products and services in San Diego.

The Hand of Hope system was a big hit in the exhibition. It is a robotic active rehabilitation system. The Hand of Hope Robotics System is a commercial product developed by Rehab-Robotis Company Ltd. It consists of hand brace, advanced robotics processing, surface EMG sensors, control case and exercise software. Through active training, it employs feedback-based closed loop system to facilitate muscle re-education of stroke patient. This system won one Gold and three Silver Medals at 62nd International Trade Fair "Ideas - Inventions - New Products" of Nuremberg, Germany, 2011 and the most notable Grand Prix Award in 40th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, 2012.



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