REX is a hands-free robotic mobility device for rehabilitation.

Designed for people with mobility impairments, REX is completely self-supporting and rapidly adjustable for each user, opening up the rehabilitative benefits to a wide range of people.


Rex Bionics is working with physiotherapists to develop the practice of Robot-Assisted Physiotherapy (RAP). In a session of RAP, REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported standing position, allowing them to take part in a set of supported walking and stretching exercises, designed by specialist physiotherapists.


REX also limits the burden on the therapists during manual handling and reduces the amount of help required to assist patients who are undergoing standing therapy.


Wheelchair users are at risk of developing numerous medical complications from extended periods of sitting. By enabling them to spend more time standing, walking and exercising, REX may offer significant health benefits. A programme of clinical trials is now under way to evaluate these potential benefits.





REX® can be used by a variety of people with mobility impairments.


Learning to use REX is quick and easy for the user and physiotherapist and because it is fully adjustable to the individual within 5 minutes, it enables a high turnover of patients to use it.


Users should be between 4ft 8in (1.42m) and 6ft 4in (1.93m), with a weight less than 220lb (100kg) and a hip width of 15in (380mm) or less.


Each user must have completed a medical check with their physician to ensure their general health and suitability, as well as a series of checks for range of motion with a qualified physical therapist to ensure they have no contraindications to standing or walking – before commencing rehabilitation with REX




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